Letter T, Where Art Thou?

Say hello to McDonald's Big N' Tasty. Perhaps you've heard of it. With 510 calories between its buns, I'm sure only a small handful of you have actually consumed one of these things. (Then again, it's got nothing on Hardee's latest contribution to fatsos everywhere.)

I was first introduced to the Big N' Tasty in Alabama, circa 2003. While on a cross-country drive, a van of teenagers happened upon a certain McDonald's with a giant marquee beneath its golden arches. The displayed message? Why, an invitation for passers-by to come in and try the Big N' Tasty.

But there was one small problem. The letter T. It was missing.

What should have read "Taste Our Big N' Tasty" actually read "Taste Our Big Nasty." Whether it was the handiwork of a prankster, an illiterate or the wind, we hadn't a clue. But what we did know was that it was hilariously appealing, and even more effective than the original message could have ever hoped to be.

Big Nasty? Yes, I'll have two.

The menu of this particular McDonald's also offered something not commonly found in other franchises. The McIce. What might sound like a dessert is really just, well, a cup filled with ice, no lid. And it costs a dollar! The McNapkin and the McStraw were other add-ons, should they have tickled our fancy.

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