Update: Rest of World Just as Confused About Toothbrushes

Since our last foray into contemporary dental hygiene, I received some reaffirming feedback from a friend who currently resides halfway around the world. Her message to us, from Australia with love, is this: the rest of planet earth is equally perplexed about the toothbrush conundrum. Ladies and gents, it appears we have an intercontinental caper on our hands.

For anonymity's sake, we'll refer to her as Cuspid for this post.

"I went to look for a new toothbrush the other day, and it took me a good 20 minutes to settle on one," said Cuspid. "And then I had to choose my color! There were so many combinations. Am I a pink and yellow kind of girl? What does purple and green say about me? And what combination screams 'No!' to plaque?"

So Americans aren't the only sad souls spending fortnights in the toothbrush aisle! Oh, what a relief! Can you imagine if we were to add the collective man hours wasted on deliberating over toothbrushes? Had there been just one model and one color - only one option - we'd probably have cured certain diseases and ended wars by now (excluding gum disease and the war on plaque, of course). But no! We love selection!

In the end, Cuspid chose a baby-blue toothbrush fully equipped with gum massagers to roll, knead and do all sorts of crazy stuff to her gums. And is she happy with her choice?

"I have to say it's worth it," said Cuspid. "I never knew such a level of pleasure was possible with one's gums."

Cuspid, here's to your next checkup!

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